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Community Leadership Initiative Program from CLASS is designed to incubate future community leaders the volunteer professionals by first encouraging them...                          

Selection Criteria

CLASS seeks individuals with passion for community service, outstanding character, a sharp analytical mind, and the ability to work effectively with people at all... 


Professionals look toward volunteering as a way to give back to their community; CLASS offers them several benefits based on the unique attributes of the...                          

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We have exciting volunteer opportunities in Management Strategy, Client Relations, Marketing & Creative, Human Resources, Training, Project Management...


“Making initiatives successful is all about focus and passionate commitment. The drumbeat must be relentless. Every leadership action must demonstrate total commitment to the initiative.” ~ Jack Welch


Community Leadership Initiative Program

CLASS is a unique nonprofit management consulting firm that serves volunteers as a part of its core mission. Keeping in line with its dual-market focus, CLASS serves volunteer professionals while they serve the NPOs through CLASS. After all, CLASS was founded in response to the problems that its founders faced while volunteering as volunteer professionals.


The aim of CLASS is to inspire and empower enterprising and imaginative people in the community to become Community Leaders and provide them with unparalleled opportunities for professional and personal growth.

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