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Community Leadership Initiative Program from CLASS is designed to incubate future community leaders the volunteer professionals by first encouraging them...                          

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Professionals look toward volunteering as a way to give back to their community; CLASS offers them several benefits based on the unique attributes of the...     

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We have exciting volunteer opportunities in Management Strategy, Client Relations, Marketing & Creative, Human Resources, Training, Project Management...


“Somewhere in the United States, no matter what the problem, some nonprofit organization is solving it.” ~ Peter F. Drucker

CLASS believes that any solution that is provided to NPOs must be targeted towards their pain areas – invariably stemming from the lack of management expertise – and hence, cannot be offered as “a “canned”” solution.


The solution must be tailored to the problem faced by the NPO and the skills required, be it IT, finance, marketing or HR, must be integrated to build and deliver a coherent overall solution. The underlying principles all CLASS teams will adhere to while executing any project are:

  • Provide a tangible benefit to the client

  • Deliver assistance in a timely manner

  • Minimize the amount of financial resources required from clients.

Selection Criteria

CLASS seeks individuals with passion for community service, outstanding character, a sharp analytical mind, and the ability to work effectively with people at all... 


“There is an old Chinese proverb – A craftsman must sharpen his tools before he can master his trade." We aim to help you be the best in your chosen arena by giving you the right tools.       

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