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CLASS’s holistic approach ensures providing complete solutions to Nonprofits, designed around their needs. This ensures that the NPOs do not have to expend their scarce managerial bandwidth in searching for solutions, which may not even be compatible with their needs in the first place. Therefore, when approached by an NPO, we try to understand the problem areas and offer a solution catered to their managerial needs. In keeping with this process, we offer an array of solutions ranging from marketing all the way to human resources management.

Practice Areas

CLASS believes that any solution that is provided to NPOs must be targeted towards their pain areas – invariably stemming from the lack of management expertise – and hence, cannot be offered as canned...                          

Case Studies

CLASS was founded on the vision of changing our society. Grandiose as it is, the means are humble – make small but perceptible contributions which then translate into bigger, more tangible benefits for our...       


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