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Practice Areas

CLASS believes that any solution provided to NPOs must be targeted towards their pain areas – invariably stemming from the lack of management expertise – and hence, cannot be offered as a “canned” solution.

The solution must be tailored to address the problems faced by the NPO and that the skill sets required be it in strategy, marketing, HR, IT, or finance must be integrated to build and deliver a coherent overall solution.

The underlying principles all teams in CLASS adheres to while executing any project are:

  1. Provide a tangible benefit to the client

  2. Deliver assistance in a timely manner

  3. Minimize the amount of financial resources required from clients.

CLASS Practice Areas

Strategy Practice

Our Strategy Practice focuses on some of the following solutions: 

  • Articulating Mission & Vision

  • Formulating a long range Strategic Plan

  • Growth Strategy

  • New Program Development Strategy

  • Strategic Audit

  • Business Plan 

Marketing Practice

Our Marketing Practice focuses on some of the following solutions :

  • Brand Identity & Messaging Strategy

  • Communication Plan

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media 

  • Customer Acquisition Strategy

  • Donor Development Plan

  • Fundraising Implementation Plan

  • Campaign / Event Planning

Human Resources Practice

Our Human Resources Practice focuses on some of the following areas:

  • Governance & Board Development

  • Organization Design & Change

  • Volunteer Development Strategy

  • Culture, Retention and Motivation

  • Performance Management

  • Training & Development

  • Succession Planning & Interim Management

Technology Practice

Our Technology Practice Focuses on some of the following areas

  • IT Audit

  • Application Analysis & Recommendation

  • Web Strategy

  • CRM Database

  • Financial & Accounting System

  • Online tools & Infrastructure

  • HRIS

Finance Practice

Our Finance Practice focuses on following areas:

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Financial Performance Improvement

  • Social Return on Investment

  • Cost Reduction

  • Evaluation of Program Effectiveness

  • Fee Based Revenue Generation Model

  • Funding Model

  • Risk & Long term sustainability Assessment

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