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CLASS Business consulting projects have unique attributes that offer specific benefits to the NPOs:

  • Holistic Solution: The core philosophy of CLASS – to provide holistic solutions – is the core differentiator and attribute of the CLASS service offering to the NPOs.  This means that CLASS offers complete solutions to the NPO, designed around their needs, combining multiple skills areas such as management, technology, marketing, finance, HR, as required and executed by multiple teams all working towards solving the core need. The project is deemed complete when the acceptance criteria stipulated by the client are met at the specified quality level. The focus on providing complete and holistic solutions ensures that the NPOs do not have to expend their scarce internal managerial bandwidth searching for solutions, which may not even be compatible with their needs.

  • Well-Defined And Tested Processes: CLASS offers well defined and mature processes. Not only are these specifically designed for volunteer-driven projects, but are benchmarked to the industry best practices from renowned management consulting firms. Such processes ensure predictable and stable quality, reduce/minimize project risks while maximizing returns on the social investments made by volunteers and the NPOs themselves.

  • Web Based Systems: At CLASS, we uses various web based tools for project management, client relationship management ,  human resources management etc for productivity and efficiency.

  • Trained And Motivated Volunteer Force: Perhaps the biggest asset that CLASS possesses is a pool of trained, motivated and, perhaps most importantly, committed volunteers. This set is comprised of people who are driven to use their expertise and leadership skills to solve community-based problems. CLASS continually invests in further training and developing this pool so that the CLASS volunteers bring greater value to the NPOs. The fact that they work in teams also ensures that the sum is greater than the parts resulting in greater value for our clients. One of our biggest organizational goals is to maintain and track commitment levels which ensures that only the most driven represent CLASS and what we stand for. We strive to make available an environment that is structured and challenging. This also solves the problem of high volunteer turnover typically faced by most NPOs – for our clients it means consistency in terms of the team that works on their project(s).

  • Network Effect: We believe that the strongest benefits for our communities will accrue if all constituents come and work together. CLASS delivers a powerful and productive network of NPOs, Volunteer Professionals, Corporations and Universities thereby increasing the Social Capital available to the NPOs. This network effect helps NPOs get more work done efficiently and have access to more resources than is possible were they to act in isolation.

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