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The Class Consulting Group - Nonprofits approach




CLASS offers strategic consulting services tailored to Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), collaborating closely with clients to achieve their visions and deliver tangible value. Our business consulting expertise spans from developing Marketing Strategies to Pricing Structures, exclusively designed for non-profit clients. We prioritize holistic solutions that are easy to implement and practical. With a dedicated Business Development Team, we actively engage with multiple NPOs and also undertake projects from client referrals and repeat customers.


















CLASS takes a holistic approach to serve Non-Profits and works hand-in-hand with clients through out the process from scoping the business needs to bringing the solutions.

Image illustrating CLASS's strategic consulting services for Non-Profit Organizations, focusing on holistic solutions and client collaboration to achieve tangible value.
Image illustrating CLASS's holistic approach to serving Non-Profits by leveraging people, processes, and technology to increase productivity and provide comprehensive solutions.
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