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Announcement : Launch of Community Leadership Spotlight Series [CLS]

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

“Somewhere in the United States, no matter what the problem, some nonprofit organization is solving it.”  ~ Peter F. Drucker

We couldn’t agree more! There are approximately 1.3 million 501(c)3 organization based in the United States, and each of these organizations work tirelessly, championing their cause and serving the society. At CLASS, we engage with many such amazing nonprofits everyday as we help them navigate the complexities surrounding nonprofit management—strategy, marketing, human resources, information technology, and finance - with our management consulting services

We believe that behind every nonprofit there is a visionary, hard working and passionate leader who wants to make a difference and make our community a better place. These leaders inspire us with their remarkable journeys, their passion toward the cause and the greater good. Through our Community Leaders Spotlight [CLS] Series we wish to share the stories of these community leaders.

Each of these leaders has a unique style, vision, and mission to follow. But what is common to all of them is their resilience, the belief in their cause, and the desire to propel their teams forward with their leadership.

Through this series, we hope to share our candid conversations with these leaders about their personal and professional journey, challenges and dreams for the future. As we highlight their stories, we invite you to join us by recommending a leader who is bringing a positive change in your community.

If you wish to recommend someone you know has made a tremendous impact in the nonprofit world, contact us at

Learn more about our story, mission and impact.

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About The CLASS Consulting Group

The CLASS Consulting Group is a trusted advisor to the board of directors and senior leadership of the bay area nonprofit organizations. It is a boutique management consulting firm headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides consulting services to senior management and board of directors of nonprofit organizations and offers community leadership opportunities to professionals.   

Since 2002 CLASS’ volunteers have been assisting nonprofit organizations in the SF Bay Area and supporting the communities in which, we all live and work.  Learn more about our mission and story. 



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